Can I add a personalised note?

Sorry, we have stopped our hug service for now.

I’m having trouble ordering online – what shall I do?

The cut off for orders is 10am the day before collection, which is set 27hrs prior on our website. If you are ordering before the cut of period and are still having problems, please try again later or email us at hello@thechouxboxpatisserie.com.

Where are you?

You can find us in the “Choux Box” at Alexandra Park viewpoint, Thursdays for drinks and Macaroons, and Friday – Sunday for our full works, from 10am. Collections are from our Unit on Windsor Bridge Road, Bath. The full address is: The Choux Box Patisserie Unit 5, Stable Yard Windsor Bridge Road Bath BA2 3AY

Do you cater for special occasions?

Absolutely! We love to help to be involved in special events, especially weddings! If you’re having a special get-together, please send an email to us at hello@thechouxboxpatisserie.com for more information.

Can I pre-order to pick up?

Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to offer a pick up service at Alexandra Park. However, you can order for pre-paid collection from our Unit Friday - Sunday, 9am - 1pm.

How many Macaroons are in a box?

If you order for delivery, there will be 5 Macaroons in your box. If you order at the Choux Box, you will get 6 macaroons in your box.

How many Choux Buns are in a box?

Our standard is 6 Choux buns in a box. Any extra buns can be added for £2 per bun.

Do you deliver?

Sorry, we stopped our delivery service and are now offering collections. You can still find us at Alexandra Park, or order online to collect from our Unit.


I have an allergy, or dietary requirement, can I still have Choux?

None of our products are suitable for ANY trace allergies as everything is made in the same kitchen. Even if the product itself does not contain the allergen, it may have been in contact with something else at a point. Please do not risk it if there is any question. Choux: Vanilla – dairy, gluten, eggs Chocolate & Hazelnut - dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, soy Chocolate & salted caramel - dairy, gluten, eggs, soy Lemon meringue pie - dairy, gluten, eggs Pavlova - dairy, gluten, eggs, nuts, soy Solero - dairy, gluten, eggs, soy Macaroons: ALL GLUTEN FREE Raspberry – nuts, eggs, dairy (very small amount only in chocolate), soy Blackcurrant – nuts, eggs, dairy (very small amount oly in chocolate), soy Passionfruit – nuts, eggs, dairy (very small amount only in chocolate), soy Salted Caramel – nuts, eggs, dairy (very small amount only in chocolate), soy Chocolate Orange – nuts, eggs, dairy (very small amount only in chocolate), soy Pistachio - nuts, eggs, dairy (very small amount only in chocolate), soy
Hot Chocolate: - dairy, eggs, soy